Our first objectives were to create a fun and inviting ad campaign targeted towards women 18-35 years of age that are interested in fashion and body modification. The ad was set to run for two months during and before the sale. 
We first did this by choosing color palettes from popular fashion trends that were used this year. Each color was chosen not only to be bright and attention-grabbing but also to fit in with our summer theme. All props, outfits, and makeup used in photo shoots were picked to fit into the theme. Any stock images were chosen to add more faces and diversity that we could not get in the photo shoot. 
Personal Contribution
I was personally responsible for styling photo shoots as well as picking out props that were used. Also edited photos that were selected by our team for social media posts as well as okayed any other stock photos that were used for the campaign. 
Initial Photographs

Flyers/ Promotional Posters
Instagram Posts
Facebook Event
Analytics & Reactions
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